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December 26, 2004 - January 1, 2005

Cocoa Beach, Disney, Etc.

Cocoa Beach
The Cocoa Beach pier.  The Cocoa Beach web site claims this is a "must see".  SKIP IT!  There are a few shops and restaurants.  What really annoyed us that if you want to walk to the end of the pier, they charge you a $1.  Are you kidding me!  We come here to spend money at your hotel, restaurants, and shopping.  Yet you won't let me walk to the end of the pier without paying a buck per person!  This is cheap and without class.
Blue Brothers outside a shop in Cocoa Village. I do not understand why they are there -- did Jake have a hankering for a jar of bath salts?

Disney World's EPCOT

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.
Crash test dummy at Test Track.

When we were here in 1998, we stood in line for an hour and never even made it inside the building because the ride broke down.  This time, we stood in line for an hour and a half -- and went for the ride!

And the accompanying test vehicle.

The Test Track ride is rather fun.  They take you through a few of the stress testing each car goes through.  This includes breaking with and without ABS, suspension, and handling.  You end up going through a wall that opens up and lets you outside where you do a couple of laps at speeds they say are 60 mph.

Spaceship Earth
Italy in the World Show Case:

It doesn't get any better then an Italian Lady Santa.

Italy in the World Show Case:

Hum.  Could this be Venice ?

For a second there, I was transported back to Venice and started looking around for some gelato.

Disney World's


MGM Studios.

Muppet fountain outside the Muppet Laboratories.  Miss Piggy and others are in the fountain.
Yes, you too can meet Miss Piggy and Kermit.
Trouble.  Looks like Jebus crawled away from this nativity scene.

[Karen lodges a formal protest against this comment.]

Back Stage Tour:

Here you experience a movie set action scene.  Lots of falling rocks, fire, and splashing water.

Houston, we have fire.
Dang water puts out the fire and gets us all wet.
During the great movie ride, we spent a few minutes in Munchkinland.  The Wicked Witch has made all the little munchkins hide.
Ooh, a couple of munchkins popped out of hiding!



The Beasleys

Here Cindy shows her excitement when the University of Miami Hurricanes score a touchdown.  What luck!  The Canes were on TV pounding them ugly Florida Gators on New Years Eve.

The Beasley boys: William and Brian.
Yep, Dave exists.

Here he's the 3rd boy.

What a picture eh!

Cindy hugs the love of her life.

Dave, come on!  You've been married for 23 years.  Can't you keep your hands off the merchandise?


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