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Saturday August 3 2002

Awesome summer bash!  I cooked 18 burgers, 6 chicken breasts, 4 pork chops, 10 Italian Sausages, and 20 beef dogs.  We ate well thank you very much.  Well, most people did.  I was having such a good time that I forgot to eat except for a burger that my lovely wife delivered.   

No one left thirsty.  We had a case of micro brews, a pony keg of NW Brewwerks Blond Ale, white/red wine, tequila, whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin, scotch, and Black Russians.  Oh baby, I wasn't the only one that had a few ;-)

This year's weather was actually quite good.  The weather forecast wavered several times the week leading up to the bash.  I was concerned that we would actually have rain.  We did NOT.  Temps around 70  with mostly sunny skies.

June Wu had an early lead in the croquet game but some vindictive whacks from nameless opponents gave Janet the chance to pull ahead in a spectacular race to the finish line.  Right about then Lou had finished his first batch of meat and the game broke up.

The Attendees (33):

  • Rich and Lisa

  • Bob and Sally

  • Steve and Lynn

  • The Mehans; Jeanne, Eric, Tom, and Phil

  • Beth, Bob, and Jenesa

  • Brian and Ellie Cowan

  • Geoff

  • Mark

  • Chad and Stephanie

  • Bing and June Wu

  • Chris and Jaeger

  • Nancy and Karen Wojack

  • Janet Caderre

  • Harrie Anne Kessler

  • Scott Meyer

  • plus 5 kids



Eric, Lynn, Jeanne, Lisa, Lou, Chris.

Oh my, what is that hanging from Lou's mouth?  Oh no, it is an empty glass.  Bartender!

Beth, Bob, Ellie, Brian, Chris, Jaeger.

How did Chad take this picture?  He must of been lying down.  More like he fell down after sucking down large amounts of bourbon.

Ellie, Brian, Chris, Jaeger.

Yee ha!  Farmer Brian taking a day off from slaughtering pigs and chickens.

Check out the fresh coat of paint and light fixtures!

Need a painter?  We'd be happy to give you a referral.

The kids.

Everyone was busy playing croquet and forgot to play volleyball.  Of course the fact that I forgot to bring out the volleyball did help. 

What a goof.  I setup the volleyball net but forget the ball.  DOH!  

Phil and Steve.

Check out are new flag.  A hidden light keeps Old Glory lit from dusk to dawn.

Bing, Lou, Mark, Scott.

 looking for the bar.  After being at the bar so many time, it was getting hard to find it.

Harrie Ann and Lynn, the two recruiters exchanging tips.

Check out our new bird bath.



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