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1 lb sausage (spicy hot) pre-packed (in a tube)
Fresh salsa
Black pepper
2 tbs. minced garlic
Medium size sour cream
Guacamoly (spelling?)
Laurey's Seasoning
Chopped parsley
4 cheese Mexican cheese
2 cans refried beans


Preheat overn to 350
Heat refried beans in a pot.
Fry up sausage with Laurey's Seasoning, garlic, pepper, tobasco, parsley.
Pour sausage into the bottom of a pan.
Spread cheese over sausage.
Spread refried beans over cheese
Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.
Pour salsa over refried beans.
Spread guac salsa covering entire surface.
Form grid iron and yard markers using sour cream.

If you make and serve right away you're good to go. But if served later,
then refigerate and then heat on the stove top just till the meat gets warm.



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