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Here are the love of our lives. Our 2 dogs Molly and Sam not only keep us busy, but keep us fixing our yard.  Note that we call these monsters "puppies". Be certain that they are way beyond the puppy state. They are at the Godzilla state.
Sam has always been a happy dog. She can usually be counted on to provide a big smile. We had to take Sam in for emergency surgery right after Christmas. It turned out that Sam had eaten 6 2 inch rocks! She had 14 oz. of rocks in her stomach. We spent days shoveling rocks out of the yard and replacing them with river rock. These river rocks range from 6 to 14 inches. Eat that Sam!
Great! What the heck is she eating now! It must be good for her to sit through this photo op while licking herself.

That brings up a thought. Why do dogs lick themselves? If you don't know, then you are not ready for prime time.
Molly is an Australian Shepherd with some undefined blood. She is very very hyper. While she sleeps, she sleeps seemingly forever. When she is in a party mood, you'd better watch out. She has a lot of energy and likes to run. Molly's most distinguishing feature (or bug) is her bark. Although her bark is not high pitch and annoying like commonly found with small shoe size so called dogs, Molly's bark is loud enough to wake up an ancient mummy. Other than that, she is cute, adorable, and just wants to play. Molly is 3.5 years old and most people mistake her for the puppy.
Sam the happy dog is a 1 year old Golden Retriever. Sam's favorite hobbies include chewing on sticks and beef bones, harassing Molly into playing, and consuming carpet fibers. I keep Sam supplied with sticks and beef bones. She in turn agrees to destroy them. Sam is quite calmer than Molly even though Sam is the puppy. Nonetheless, Sam likes to pick on Molly by biting Molly's collar until Molly either gives in and plays with Sam, or lets Sam know that she is not interested.
Don't mess with me man. Isn't that what they are thinking. We actually had a police officer come by once. The officer said that she was unable to enter the back yard because of the nature of the dogs. Hum... Nonetheless, these 2 cuties just do there thing; play, sleep, eat, and the business. Oh yeah, case you haven't figured it out, yeah, Molly is the alpha dog and she'll more than happy to let you know.


Sam : 1999 Summer Bash MJ and Molly snuggle at the 1999 summer bash.
Molly and Sam at play.jpg (13689 bytes) Molly teaches Sam the rules of the house.  Namely, Molly is the boss.   Don't you forget it!  You may be bigger, but I am smarter and more agile.   So don't mess with alpha dog.
After getting her clock cleaned by Molly, Sam checks out the new bench.   Unfortunately, the bench is not equipped with a pillow. Sam on bench.jpg (19223 bytes)
Sam and boulder.jpg (11393 bytes) Well nap time is over and it is time for a snack.  Sam still craves them juicy rocks but we have removed them all for her own good.  Here she thinks about diving into this scrumptious boulder, but decides the dawn thing is to big!




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