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Sunday July 15, 2012



Tuesday November 22, 2011


Monday October 17, 2011

We welcome our newest member of the family, Bailey.

Bailey is a female Golden Retriever about 51 lbs. and 7 months old.  We put her birthday at March 1, 2011.

Bailey is an energetic puppy dog.  She loves to chew especially sticks.

We want to thank the Golden Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte for saving Bailey and bringing her into our family.

In addition, many thanks to Bailey's foster parents who took such wonderful care of her for two months.  Thank goodness there are people like you in the world.

Bailey apparently is new to grass because she seems to love to bite at the grass.  Pretty funny.  Today I added ice to her water bowl to keep it cool.  Bailey proceeded to go ice fishing.  She dumped her snout into the water to get each cube of ice and eat it.  Yes, as you can expect, once she was done, her face was quite wet.



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