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Friday October 10, 2008

Karen finds the water to be very wet.  Apparently the water surprised her and got her pants wet.  What was she thinking?

It was all worth it though so Karen can get those pretty little colorful shells.

We had lunch at the Oceanic.  I highly recommend this experience.  You can sit outside on the huge deck and enjoy the beach along with a fine cocktail and yummy food.

Our buddy Tim from Seattle flew out to hang for a few days.  He entertained himself for a couple of days touring Raleigh while Karen and I worked.  He visited some museums such as NC Museum of Art, Natural History, etc.  We had great dinners at Sushi Blues, Eagle Ridge Golf Clubhouse, and of course at the Ross Ranch.  We also toured the USS North Carolina Battleship and Big Boss brewery in Raleigh.

Karen wonders if she was successful at picking every single shell on this huge beach.  Good luck!

Not the best weather this day.  It was cloudy and a bit on the chili side.  But it was great anyway since there was hardly anyone on the beach.



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