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This is the Currituck Light House in Corolla. One of the signs said that they left this one unpainted so that you could get an idea of just how many bricks it took to build the light house.
We climbed the stairs and huddled over the overhang when the skies opened up and dumped rain on us.  It was AMAZING to see the rain pour down.  A huge puddle formed on the pretty brick walkway.

We were reminded of our trip to Monticello, which was also a rainy day.

When we drove away, we parked on a side street and got a couple of good pictures of the light house in operation.
These guys look very happy.  Nothing like a little roughage to get you through the day.


Bodie Island

The Bodie Island Light Station

It was really cloudy, but warm and beautiful.

We stopped here early Sunday morning,

on our way south to go home.

Close up of the light
Lou caught the light when it was on. 

It went on every 20 seconds.



The Cape Hatteras Light Station is the tallest
A nice couple offered to take our picture after Karen took theirs.  Karen made a big deal about telling them that she was cutting off their legs to be sure to get the top of the lighthouse in the picture -- so the lady made sure that she got the top in our picture for us.
The clouds were fluffy and hid a marvelous blue sky.
In 1998 this was designated a national historic landmark.
In 2002, they had to MOVE the lighthouse further inland because of erosion.
When you are standing at the base, the lighthouse LOOMS over you.
We walked across the lawn to make sure we got a good shot of the entire structure and cute fence.
Karen likes the base.
Karen likes Lou.



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