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Saturday July 31,2010

We spent a great deal of quality time just hanging out at the ranch.  Rich and Lou spent all 3 nights keeping guard while sitting out on the patio to very late hours.


Thanks to Rich and Lisa for visiting us here at the Ross Ranch and for taking such awesome pictures.

We made a day trip out to Mount Airy also known as Mayberry where the Andy Griffith show was filmed.

Ok so how's this for bad timing.  Rich and Lisa visit us from a - let's just say a less sunny part of the country - and what do we get?  Yep, rain and clouds all weekend.  What's that all about.  I guess we wanted to make them feel right at home.

House where Andy Griffith grew up.

No, this is not Andy's current home.  This is back in our neighborhood where the wild life flourishes.



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