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Rich and Lisa came to visit the Ross Ranch east.  On Saturday we dragged them off to this revolutionary era house complete with bullet holes.  Later we took them to Goodnight's Comedy Club where we had a great dinner at the grill and laughed a ton at the show.

On Sunday Rich and I went to the Carolina Ale House for multiple Margaritas and awesome bacon cheeseburgers.  The ladies went shopping.  That evening Lou and Rich watched the Super Bowl.  It was a thrill to watch the Giants clobber the Pats.

We all had a great time.  So much that we are going to Seattle in July to visit their vacation.


Notice, as always, I am missing.  That's because I was never there;-)  If you can't see me, then I wasn't there.



This bullet hole has been here since 1776.  Don't you think they would have patched it up by now?  Gees, imagine the draft!





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