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Antler Hill Village

We are standing outside the Inn, looking at the mountains.

There is a huge beautiful lawn between the Inn and the village. The path zig-zags down the hill to the village. Makes a nice walk, coming and going.

Here is the back of the Inn, which overlooks the Antler Hill Village.

Our room was on the other side of the Inn, overlooking the from door and portico.

It looks like Karen is carrying a shopping bag here, but it is her hat. Anything we bought, we had delivered to the hotel room, which was spectacularly convenient.

Here is the fountain and flower bed that are in front of the wine shop.

Starting to think that Karen brought only the Wicked jacket and nothing else to wear.

Here is the front door to the wine shop and wine tasting. Lou was pleasantly surprised and bought a few bottles to bring home.

This fountain is in the plaza of the Antler Hill Village.

What are these flowers? White daisies with PURPLE centers. Karen loved them.

Cedric was the family dog. We kept calling this place Fredericks instead. We ate here once and it was fantastic.

Late Thursday afternoon, we decided to walk 1.5 miles out to the lagoon. The lagoon is a reflecting pond for the house.  Can you see the house, up on the hill, in the center/top of the picture?

On a calm day, the house is reflected in the lagoon perfectly.

Another photographer told us that he had been there a few days earlier, and the house was reflected perfectly, but the sky was cloudy. He had thought that the house was always reflected, not realizing that the water needed to be calm -- which does not always happen.

There were a lot of geese in the lagoon making a racket.

We continued on the walking path around the lagoon and saw these horses.

Soon afterward, we headed back to the Antler Hill Village.



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