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November 13 - 15, 1999

Sometimes you just have to say "Oh what the fuck."   That's kind of the way George and I felt about going to Packers game in Dallas.   He flew to Dallas from the San Jose area.  I in turn, not to be out done, flew to Dallas from the Seattle area.  Why, cuz we can!  Of course my flight was on time (unlike those people from the Bay area). 
Upon arriving in Dallas, we promptly found the rental vehicle.  Interesting enough, once George and I were in the car, this car attendant ran up to us from the other side of the parking lot.  We thought we'd forgotten some kind of paper work.   No, this guy just wanted to be around us cuz we were Packer fans and not that other team fans.
From there we promptly got on the highway and got lost.  But who cares, we had plenty of gas and were there for the Packers. 
After finding the hotel, we did what comes naturally, we found food, ate, found booze, drank, and sat by the pool.  Yeah, we are real big time crazy partiers.
The game was fun.  It was a shame that the wrong team won.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a great deal of Packer fans.  Naturally we put on our Packer attire.

Texas Stadium Yes, we were really there.  Here is the main entrance for Texas Stadium to to prove it.
George shows off his Packer pride.  This was not a smart thing to do in Dallas!

After the game we had to rush out of the stadium cuz George didn't have anything to cover up his attire.

The Field Not a bad picture from the 2nd deck eh.



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