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October 11, 2016


Little Italy and Chinatown

We went on a Gangs of New York tour with our guide Brian. Started at the circuit court house that was run by a gangster boss. From there we walked to Chinatown and saw where the games and Chinatown fault their battles on Mott Street. We then walked to Little Italy to see the place where The Sopranos had a number of episodes. We ate at the restaurant where several gangsters were shot. In the city hall area we saw the Brooklyn Bridge, the courthouse we're Law & Order's filmed, and a film crew that was setting up to film.
Boss Tweed made millions of dollars billions in today's terms on the building of the Brooklyn Bridge you couldn't do anything in New York City without going through him first and getting him his big big cup we heard about the proposed pneumatic Subway that didn't get built because Boss Tweed wouldn't allow it and we also saw where I put you the butcher played by Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York where he was from

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