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March 20 - April 1, 2017




Maui must be about the most beautiful place on earth.  Volcanoes, water falls, wildlife, gorgeous beaches, snorkeling, whale watching, and incredible sunsets make Maui a tropical paradise.  We stayed at the Marriott Vacation Club on west Maui.  Every night we were treated to a breath taking sunset.  Plenty to do at the resort with several pools, bars, water slides, boardwalk, and of course the beach.

We went whale watching 3 times and just loved it.  Our last trip was the best by far as we followed a pod of 8 male whales trying to show off for the lady whale.  There were many head thrusts, tales, and even one breach.

We went snorkeling a bit but had a bit of bad luck with the weather.  March is a windy month in Maui which resulted in strong currents.  It felt like the waves were pulling me down and out at the same time.  Of course the surfers were delighted.

We ate very well.  Our favorites in order are Leilana (incredible seafood with a view to kill), Maha Ocean Tavern (indoor and deck seating over looking turtles, excellent seafood and out of this world rum pudding), Merriman's (waterfront view and awesome seafood), Lahaina Fish company (on Front street, waterfront, and very good seafood), and Sansei (nice place but I thought the sushi was about average).

Our compliments to Pacific Whale Foundation.  We enjoyed all 4 tours with them.  Very professional and safe.


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Heads up!!! Why is this drone following us? We are on a susnet dinner cruise when suddenly we look up and there is this drone following us. I wish I had my drone extermination gun.

We had so many gorgeous sunsets that we could not help to take a few pictures.  Ok, maybe more than a few.  Here are some of them - note we deleted many more.

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