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Oct. 29 - Nov. 5,2010

We took a trip to Palo Alto, CA to see my coworkers and visit Endicia.

Along the way we stopped off in Arizona to see Pat and Omer.  I also got to hang with my buddy Rich and visit the local establishments.

On 11/1 we left Arizona and flew into the bay area to hang out with my buddy George and visit Endicia.

Pat and Omer's back yard.  Lots of rocks.

Nice blue sky.

Awesome sun room.

Cool outside decoration.

Curb appeal.

Rich's pad.

Hey bartender, more is better.

Rich plays descent guitar.  Here he jams Stairway to Heaven.

Awesome view from the deck.

We went to a sports bar where I had the world's biggest burger.  This thing had to be 6 inches tall.

Back at the Patomer, here the gang gathers just before the long goodbye.


We are now in the bay area.  First things first, we go to La Fondue with buddy George and the little hills for an excellent fondue dinner.  Highly recommend this place.

Guitar Hero wizard.

What is she thinking?  "Leave me alone!"

Now at the Endicia office.  Got to see a bunch of Endicians including my buddy Scott.

The server rack man.


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