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February, 2006
My buddy Kevin.  One of the most intelligent people I've had the pleasure to know.  He not only gave my first small company shot at Pacer Software, but taught me the value of Chardonnay.  Thanks, Kevin.
Meet Scooby.  This little guy is a young 125 pound part Lab / part Great Dane rescued from the pound. 

Scooby is a ton of fun.  Just watch out for the biggest tongue you've ever seen.

Patsy and MJ discuss motherhood and gingerbread houses over several glasses of sparkling wine.
Mr. Mom!  George!  My buddy of some 16+ years.  Awesome cook.  Great dad.  Solid drinker.  Superb home builder.  An okay coder ;-)  But most of all, a great friend.
Scooby helps the chef by looking for fallen debris he can consume with that enormous tongue.
Kevin started this game with the girls - Jordon and Taylor - that went on for hours.  Kevin played the troll guarding bridge access.  The only way the girls could get by the troll is to answer a riddle.  Unfortunately for Kevin, these are extremely bright girls who can peddle those trikes endlessly.
No visit to the AustinHill Resort would be complete without a dip in the pool and a few glasses of wine while soaking in the hot tub.
This is awesome.  Jordon and Taylor attack Patsy with their love.
While at the doggy park, Karen carries Blue Dog and watches over Taylor on the swings while Scooby runs mad.
Scooby is tired after running around the park chasing other dogs.  Good puppy.  He's pretty hard to miss given his size.
George, Karen, and Kevin admire the February sun.
Taylor sings and swings while we wait ;-)
George, Karen, and MJ discuss the next meal.
33 years of marriage and going strong.  Patsy and Kevin are just the salt of the earth.  It was really special to spend the weekend with them after so many years of absence.



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