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November 2000

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The Prison
As we waited for the ferry that would take us to Alcatraz island, we enjoyed some local entertainment.

The funny thing is, we saw street entertainers just like these in Paris.

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Alcatraz_05.jpg (31045 bytes) Here is some more entertainment. All those brown lumps lying on those floating platforms are seals. 

Seals sing, dance, and just stink up the air.

Very cool tour.  As you walk, you receive a walkman, head set, and tour cassette.  The tape walks you through the prison describing what you are seeing and who was jailed here. Alcatraz_13.jpg (32554 bytes)
Alcatraz_07.jpg (24444 bytes) Alcatraz_08.jpg (30832 bytes)
Alcatraz_10.jpg (27941 bytes) Those bastards finally caught me.  I got life.
This is the hole.  When you are really bad, you get to check into this lovely room.  Trust me, you want to behave. Alcatraz_14.jpg (21080 bytes)
Alcatraz_18.jpg (27712 bytes) Well, that's it.  Time to go back to the mainland.   Yes, we got paroled.  George calls his sweetie letting her know that the breakout won't be necessary.
Alcatraz_16.jpg (17323 bytes) Among many things that really suck when you are imprisoned on Alcatraz is the awesome view of San Francisco.

The tour tape told us that prisoners could hear parties, especially on new year's eve.



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