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February 17, 2001


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Red Rock State Park
Click to enlarge Sedona sits about 4,500 feet above sea level, situated near the SW corner of the Colorado River basin.  The surrounding red rock mountains extend along northern Arizona and New Mexico, up into southern Colorado, and west into Utah.
These incredible red clay rock mountains extend 6 to 7 thousand feet above sea level.  Route 89A extends north towards Flagstaff.  This route is absolutely breathtaking as this winding road takes you through mountain peaks on both sides of the road. Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge Sedona used to be a quiet little rich retirement community.  Many Hollywood actors own ranches here.  Now Sedona has a population of 17,000 with annual tourists exceeding 5 million.
These pictures were taken while Karen and I hiked through the Red Rock State Park.  Located on the lower loop towards western Sedona, this state park contains several trails each 1.5 to 2 miles. Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge Here is my lovely wife on one of the trails.   This was a required picture so that there would be proof that we actually hiked these trails.

The red dirt stuck in the grooves of her hiking boots was also good proof.

No proof needed here, I just look good. Click to enlarge
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Later we found out that these strikingly white trees are Sycamores.  They looked ghostly, especially since there are no leaves this time of year. Click to enlarge

Through the park is Oak Creek.  Quite a lovely body of water that we had to navigate as you'll see.

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Don't these people believe in rails?   We had to cross 3 of these lovely little bridges.

Bridges?  Uh, more like a narrow path of planks.

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The Western Canyon
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Click to enlarge We got this last set of pictures while on a Pink Jeep tour with Richard and Marilyn from Atlanta.  Karen offended the reservation clerk by requesting that we not get stuck in a jeep with screaming children.

We really enjoyed the Pink Jeep tour and our tour guide, Chard.



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