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Swiftcurrent Lake Loop
Click to enlarge This 2.6 mile trail is completely flat and circles Swiftcurrent Lake.  The trail zig zags through the wood so that, even though there were others on the trail, we felt quite alone.
Click to enlarge The clouds blew in from the north as we were driving to Many Glacier for our day of hiking.  Temperatures dropped, along with a little rain.  So we stopped at the hotel gift shop to purchase warmer clothing because we foolishly left our sweatshirts at the hotel room. 
Click to enlarge At every trailhead, bear warning signs are posted.  They say stuff like "You are entering grizzly country" and then list all these precautions you need to take.  The signs also say "Bears attack for no reason.  Following these precautions is no guarantee of your safety." 
Click to enlarge Needless to say, we made a lot of noise as we hiked.




Red Rock Falls Trail
Click to enlarge This was 1.8 mile hike with a 100 foot elevation gain.

The people on their way out  told us there were bears one mile beyond this waterfall and that a ranger was there with them.

Click to enlarge If you think Karen is perched precariously on that ledge, just look above her at the guy dressed in blue.  He's part mountain goat.
Click to enlarge Watch out for that bear!
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Click to enlarge Iron is what makes those rocks red.
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Click to enlarge Good thing Lou spent his childhood summers traveling North America with the circus, performing in a high wire act.  Otherwise he never would have made it over this ravine.
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