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October 15, 2016


Bar Harbor, Maine

Acadia National Park. Our tour guide Michael L Goode was awful. He had an agenda that he had to communicate to us over and over again. He was a bird fanatic so he talked about birds consistently ("Look!  A brown-winged seagull!") and to make things worse he talked politics. Very poor Excursion. Took us through the woods over rocks that were treacherous only to see a beat-up teepee and garden because he had some hand in getting it started.  He never took us to the top of Cadillac Mountain which was a major disappointment.

Below is what Princess Cruises said the tour was supposed to be like:

Bar Harbor, Maine

Standing atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, it is easy to see why individuals like John D. Rockefeller felt so strongly about preserving this area's natural beauty.

Established by individual donations, Acadia National Park is a stunning intersection of sea-scoured shores, towering cliffs, and forested mountains. Mount Desert Island had been a resort destination well before the establishment of Acadia National Park in 1919. The wealthy flocked to Bar Harbor at the turn of the century, building Newport-style "cottages" that turned the quaint New England town into a fashionable summer resort. It was the efforts of these wealthy vacationers, including John D. Rockefeller, which led President Woodrow Wilson to establish Acadia as the first national park east of the Mississippi. Many of Bar Harbor's great houses are a memory. A catastrophic fire in 1947 ravaged the town and the surrounding forest. But Acadia National Park survived, and today it is one of the most visited national parks in America. Acadia's 35,000 acres are studded with natural wonders: In addition to the stunning landscape, some 50 species of mammals including moose, black bear and white tail deer roam the park

Much of the park's outstanding scenery is the result of glaciers carving through granite, forging mountains and creating valleys.

As you explore the breathtaking natural wonders around you, you'll learn about the Park's ecosystem, its natural history, geology, local legends. Did you know that the last glacier retreated over 18,000 years ago leaving behind bald summits of most of the Park's 70 mountains and exposing the beautiful pink granite? Cadillac Mountain, is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

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Carol and her lobster. She is inexperienced and made a total mess but it was quite delicious!



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