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Glacier National Park in Montana


These pictures were taken while on our way to Lake McDonald Lodge.
Click to enlarge Look at Karen's feet.  They have ice on them.  The temperature of the waters in these lakes are in the 40s. 

The water here is absolutely crystal clear.

Click to enlarge This is actually the back of the lodge.  When they built the lodge, there was no road and the only way to get there was by boat.  So the front faces the lake (out back). 
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Click to enlarge Out of the 33 buses still in service, 22 have been returned from Ford.  The rest are still being refurbished.
Click to enlarge This stream goes straight into Lake McDonald and offers awesome fishing.  You don't need a permit in the national parks.

Only problem is that this lake is 475 feet deep.  The trout tend to hang out at about 100 feet.

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