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These pictures were taken while at Glacier Park Lodge.
Click to enlarge Built in 1913 and extended in 1914, Glacier Park Lodge was built by the North American Railway.  This 280 room lodge is quite rustic.
Click to enlarge The rooms here are extremely spartan.  No phone, TV, fridge, or clock!  The shower is just big enough to turn around while touch the wall and shower curtain.  For $160 a night, we won't stay there again.
Click to enlarge The lobby is filled with old cedars 36 to 42 inch in diameter.  These cedars were brought from Washington state because their local trees just weren't big enough.  This made us feel proud.  Microsoft, Starbucks, and Boeing aren't the only big things to come out of WA state.
Click to enlarge It is hard to discern, but the table in the middle of the wood floor is actually half of a huge tree trunk.

See the moose heads on the left and right corners.

View from the lodge.





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