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Sunday, Dec 23, 2007


Karen and I were very excited to see Giovanna.  We had not seen her since she was 6 years old. 

Now she is 17 and thinks she is all grown up. She is quite smart and has potential and has decided to become a teacher.

She reminded Lou very strongly of what Clara was like as a girl -- not exactly a quiet modest miss for sure. 

Giovanna is quite pretty - especially next to Lou ;-)

We had hoped to see Clara and Fuji, but they were gone for the holidays. 

Here is my Uncle Raul.  It was fantastic to see him.  Funny how you appreciate your family the older you get.  I really enjoy talking with Raul.  He has lots of stories that I find fascinating.  Merry Christmas, Uncle Raul.
Love you Daisy.  Daisy tried very hard to get Lou drunk.  Every 5 minutes she would ask if he wanted another drink.  Lou finally met his match since Daisy can drink quite well.  Daisy cooked an excellent Christmas dinner.  It was so good.  Yum!
Daisy and Raul have been married for over 30 years.  They are great together.  You can tell they love each other very much.  We love them very much as well.
My cousin Raulito has definitely grown up into a very good man.  I talked to him at length about all sorts of stuff but mostly football.  My kind of guy.  Thanks man.  We look forward to doing this again soon.
Behind every good man, there is a great woman.  Behind Raulito is Monica.  She is an awesome lady.  Karen and I have always loved talking with her. 

We harassed her for a while about her dislike for the outdoors.  She took it very well.  Talk to you soon Monica.

FOOD!!!!  Nothing like a Cuban dinner for Christmas.  Yum!  On the right of this picture you see a roasted Cuban pig's leg.  On the left is congri, yuca, and plantains.  Oh man, I'm getting hungry just looking at this.  Daisy, I'll be there for dinner soon.
Melanie and her cute puppy.  Melanie is Raulito and Monica's daughter.  She is an absolute delight.  The puppy was a lot of fun as well.
Her Daisy and others sample the pork skin.  Yum!  Tasty and fatty, what else can you ask for.
Raul and Daisy's Christmas tree.  Very nice.


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