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You can buy the honey from these bees in the gift shop, but alas what would TSA say when you tried to carry it onto the plane?

These bee pictures are for our buddies Bob and Sally.

There were loads of scary spiders in fancy webs all along the path.  (Thank goodness they were not ACROSS the path; Karen would have freaked.)

But none of our pictures of these creepy spiders came out.  Here is Karen bravely pointing at a spider.

This room was used for church services.

The bird sanctuary was the best part of this whole place! They have lots of injured birds being taken care of and hopefully some day released.

We found this on our way out -- so if you got halfway in and quit, then you missed the best part.

This was a swimming lagoon for the rich folks who lived here in the 1950s.

There was a bench at the tip of the peninsula where we sat and enjoyed the breeze and view.  A few planes fly over (se first picture on this page for one).



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