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July 31, 2011

Here's Karen, hanging out

Here we are on our one excursion for the entire cruise. It's a deluxe beach break at the Blue Lagoon in Nassau. It was a pretty nice beach, with a lot of hammocks and picnic tables and quiet places to hang out.

There was no one even close to us as we lazed away in our hammocks and read.

A lot of people got off the ship to come to this beach, but it was amazingly un-crowded and peaceful.

Eventually we got hot and decided to go swimming.

What an awesome day!

We hung out for a few hours, but then went back to the ship early. That August sun is strong! Did not want to burn up on the first day.

There was a big roped-off area with giant inflatable toys for kids to climb all over. A lifeguard was on constant patrol. We actually got kicked out because we were in the roped-off area with no lifejackets.

Someone took our picture for us.

The water was very clear and calm.

A lot more people showed up from a Carnival cruise ship, but the place still did not feel crowded.

This excursion included lunch, which was a burger or chicken burger or hotdog and chips.  It was a bit lame, but the beach more than made up for the lunch.



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