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November 30 - December 3, 2012
You just can't beat a weekend with the Califanos.  Throw end a weekend with George and life just doesn't get any better.  Now add some awesome food, high octane alcoholic beverages, and some Dolphins football, well, it is heaven on earth.

George and Cindy

"Joe Roby" stadium.  Not this "Sunlight" or "Beer of the week" crap.  This is the stadium the late Joe Roby built.  Bring back the only name for this venue.

Joe Roby stadium

The men!  Not sure if this is during our first and second or ... high octane beverage.  Needless no pain was felt.  Thank you bartender Cindy.

Mike, Lou, and George

Brother Lou and sister Cindy share a silly moment.  Go figure!

Lou and Cindy

Mike and Lou prepare for the big game.  GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike and Lou

The men seem to be losing the camera.  Cindy puts up with the 3 guys.  Of course she is mixing the drinks.  Excellent job.

The guys

George and Mike discuss offense strategy.  "The key of the game is to drink heavily and often!"

George and Mike

Prior to the game, Lou marvels at the awesome seats.  Section 142, row 6, seats 17-20.  Right on the 50 yard line Dolphins side.

George and Lou


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