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December 22-30, 2012

Here we are at Splash Mountain.  We are in the back.


Here we are at lunch on my birthday having a blast with the Califanos.

Christmas 2012 in Florida with the Califanos

Lake Mary Marriott had beautiful chandeliers.

Carol and Lou at Magic Kingdom Space Mountain.  Yep, waiting to board our rocket.

We had dinner at Bongos in Downtown Disney.  Very authentic Cuban food and music.  Here is the band.

William anxiously opens Christmas presents.

Cindy thinks about what she can buy at Macy's with her Macy's gift card.

Brian tries to figure out what on earth could Lou had given him for Christmas.


Mikey Mike checks out Christmas cigars.

Carol looks awesome in the scarf from Cindy and Mike.

The lovely Califano couple.

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner at Tonga's place.  The food - prime rib - was outstanding.  The dessert bar was even too big for William ;-)  Thank you for having us Tonga.

Carol thinks hard about kidnapping yet another puppy dog.  I think she looks adorable.

Tonga does a little arm twisting trying to dump her troublesome puppy.  Hey Carol, don't you need another dog?

The Christmas dinner table.  We sat outside enjoying the fabulous Florida weather.

South Beach.

We had a wonderful dinner with my cousin Clara.  The Capital Grill in Boca Raton was most excellent.  The company with Clara and Carol could not be better.

No birthday is complete without birthday balloons.  Thank you Mike and Cindy.

Carol and Brian Beasley.  We had an excellent time at Monty's in Coconut Grove on my birthday.  Thanks all.

What a good looking couple.  Alcohol helps;-)

We hung out at a bar having a few cocktails while enjoying excellent classic rock.  Very good band.

Ginger is bored with Lou's attempt at taking a picture.  Cute puppy dog.

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