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My awesome Mother.

March 2, 1943 - July 3, 1996


My mother was an incredible woman. She was determined to succeed in life and she taught me the value of driving towards certain goals and overcoming shortcomings. She never let me focus on my poor vision but rather motivated me to use the strenghts and abilities within me. She got me out of the hell of Castro Cuba when I was 4 years old and brought me to a world where anything is possible - United States of America. She legally immigrated to Miami where she worked 16 hours a day until she was able to attend college and graduate with a BS in nursing. She worked at various hospitals before developing her own home health agency. She did all this while learning English, caring for terminally ill mother, and raising her legally blind son. What incredible inner strength. She took a 20 year loan from Mass Eye and Ear so I could have experimental surgery in 1972 to restore part of my vision in my right eye. I call that LOVE.
Unfortunately she was taken from us at a very young age of 53. It was so unfair as she had finally reached a part of her life where she was successful and I was as well. Many fun filled years were taken from us. I wish I could have gone on a Caribbean cruise or toured Spain with my mother. I wish I was not so stupid when I was young and had her teach me how to dance as she was a world class dancer.




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