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Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Birthday Crowd

Karen, Omer (dad), and Pat (mom)

  • Rich and Lisa

  • Steve, Lynn, and Christy

  • Jeanne and Eric

  • Bob and Sally

  • Forest and Darleen

  • Michael and Tinalynne

  • Stewart and Deborah

  • Janet

  • Tim and Eirien

  • Omer and Pat


Special thanks to Rich for being Mr. Photographer at this event.  As always, he did a spectacular job.


Thank you all for attending.  As always, it is not a party without you.


The Festivities
One cake, 30 buns, and 40 helium balloons in a 1994 Taurus station wagon.

What a handsome guy!  And so very devious!  To have lied successfully to a suspicious woman takes a very sneaky man.

The decorations

Although NOT a surprise party, a couple of surprises were had.

Surprise #1 had Karen's parents show up about 45 minutes into the party.  This was quite a surprise for Karen.

Surprise #2 had Karen's long time pal from Boston show up about an hour into the party.  The water works really opened up.



What are Janet (left) and Karen discussing so intently?  Could it be the woes of 40-something?  And is TinaLynne awake?


TinaLynne, Karen, and Michael.  Notice that in every shot of Michael, he's looking right into the camera with a big smile.  It is like he's posing.  What's up with that?

All purpose crowd shot.

Tim, Eirien, and Jeanne discuss the meaning of life.


What an attractive couple.  The real question that we tried to get an answer to but were unsuccessful is "How come Forest gets to travel and play while Darleen stays home to work?"  I want the secret!

Great shot of two classy ladies.


Michael, Pat, Janet, Lisa, Jeanne, Stewart, and Deborah.


The Obligatory

Gift Ceremony

Once the cake had been consumed, Karen got to open her gifts.  So lucky to have such great pals with good taste!
Everyone was so sweet, to bring gifts to brighten up the Downhill Slide that inevitably occurs after 40.
The camera battery died, and Lou had to run upstairs, so Karen froze mid-unwrap till the new batteries arrived.
A beautiful teacup and a canister Earl Grey for many afternoons of enjoyment...  thanks Lynnie and Steve!
Lou earned some serious adoration today.
Pink Twisted Optic Depression glass candlestick's from Jeanne's Grandmother. Beautiful! 


Karen is also wearing the fabulous blue and green glass flower earrings Jeanne brought back from Italy.  They garnered many compliments at the party.

These are various old keys from some of the houses that Jeanne's other Grandmother used to own.  A wonderful, sentimental addition to the key collection.
A bracelet from Lou!  Something to go right into that new traveling jewelry box from Patsy and Omer.



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