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August 22, 2012

Karen's Resting Place

You will always be in my heart.

Karen, my best friend and love of my life is finally resting.  She is now in her favorite flower bed next to our favorite house.  I will always remember her whenever I look out at this flower bed.

Rest in peace my love.

I am a much better person today than 20 years ago because I spent those years with you.

Many thanks to Pat and John Sobrero for designing the planter.  I know Pat spent many hours carefully weighing all options.  I knew when I asked her to do this that it would be done with class and love.

Thank you Anya for making me laugh during this time of great sorrow.  I look forward to many more laughs as I go down the road I must traverse.  I know Karen is happy today knowing I am doing whatever it takes to get past the heart break that I feel.  I know this because I would have wanted the same for her.



February 9, 2013

Karen's Memorial Stone

Thank you Pat Sobrero for helping me pick out the most beautiful way to memorialize Karen.

After 4 months of planning, Karen's memorial stone has been installed.

This work of art is 100% bronze.  Weight 35 pounds.  It is 24 inches by 19.  This stone took 3 months to create.  It was partially delayed due to Hurricane Sandy since it is made in New York state.

Memorial stone created by Starlight Memorials.  Thank you Linda for working with me on this important project.

Phone: 800-260-2201
Fax: 845-382-1629

The bronze stone is bolted down into a 200 pound block of concrete that is slanted for a 3D look.  The concrete block is colored to match the surrounding garden.

Thank you James of Rock Solid Concrete for making the concrete block absolutely perfect.

Rock Solid Concrete (James)
office: 919-773-7177 rocksolid@nc.rr.com
Fax: 919-773-8778


July 9, 2013



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