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August, 2012


"Karen's Garden" was created in loving memory of my wife and dear friend Karen.  The garden was created by wonderful friends and neighbors.  I'll never forget watching these beautiful people work in the summer heat to create a lasting and loving testament to Karen.  Thank you my friends.

John & Pat

Linda and Carol

Larry & Betsy

Robbert & Marisa

Joe & Peg

Carl & Pat

Brent & Lori

Joe & Gerry

John & Cheri

Craig & Ranae

Bob & Lena

Irv & Sur

My wonderful wife Carol


Special gratitude goes out to my gracious friend and neighbor Pat S. who I believe was the architect of this garden.  Pat still maintains the garden virtually every weekend.  It is clear to anyone that sees that Pat is doing this out of pure genuine love.  I know Karen loves this garden.  I think of her every time I look out my sun room and this this masterpiece.

My heart felt thanks to Linda and Carol for volunteering to create the beautiful tile sign indicating this is Karen's Garden.  You both remind me of Karen as you both have a quality she possessed in abundance - class..


Thank you all who continue to invest your time, money, and sweat maintaining this tribute to Karen.  We both appreciate it very much.

Special thanks to my wife Carol.  Carol knew Karen for many years and came to be very close friends.  Carol has taken it upon herself to help Pat from time to time in the maintenance of Karen's Garden.  Thank you Carol.


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