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Lou and Carol's Wedding

Tuesday February 26, 2013

Our wedding certificate signed captain Nash of the Emerald Princess.

As you can tell, Carol and I were married at sea?  We had a simple but beautiful wedding ceremony aboard Princess Cruise Emerald Princess.  This photo was taken on deck 16 aft.

The chapel located on deck 16 next to the spa was small but elegant.  We were married by ship's captain Nash.

Here captain Nash administers the wedding vows Carol and I chose for the ceremony.  The vow was somewhat long.  Note that Carol was perfect.

Paul our photographer spent over 2 hours taking us around the ship to take pictures.   It was pretty cool having parts of the ship all to ourselves.  Here we are at the bottom of the spiraling stairs in the atrium.  Lots of people watching from nearby lounges.

Can you believe I married this beautiful lady?  I did good.

It was rather humorous to block the atrium stairs for about an hour.  Paul setup the camera equipment before we arrived.  He then had assistants block the stairs so we could pose over and over and over again.

We had the wedding cake, champagne, and sparkling wine delivered to the cabin.  We drank them using our gorgeous champagne glass ware.  Thank you Cindy and Mike for the beautiful champagne crystal glass.


Black and white photos add a touch of elegance.

Here we are in the chapel during the ceremony.  I am placing the ring on Carol's finger trying real hard not to drop the ring.


More wedding pictures: Chapel Atrium Aft Sea Promanade


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