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April 2, 2019



Today, we drove from Siena to Rome.  On the way, our tour guide (Roberto) suggested that we stop in the ancient town of Orvieto.  Orvieto is in southwest Umbria which is a region of central Italy.  We took a short stroll around the Orvieto Cathedral and then had the best meal of our entire European trip at a restaurant called La Pergola (https://www.lapergolaorvieto.com/la-trattoria/)  


The Orvieto Cathedral

On 15 November 1290, Pope Nicholas IV laid the cornerstone for the present building and dedicated it to the Assumption of the Virgin, a feast for which the city had a long history of special devotion. The church is striped in white travertine and greenish-black basalt in narrow bands, similar in many ways to the Duomo of Siena and other central Italian cathedrals of that era.

This restaurant was recommended to us by our tour guide.

We had pasta with a wild boar sauce which was our favorite meal for the entire European trip!


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