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March 23 - 28, 2019

Geneva, Switzerland

Saturday, March 23: Geneva was our first stop of our 27 day European vacation.  It has a population of 200,000 and shares a border with France and Switzerland.  It is the European headquarters for United Nations. It is a very nice city to walk around. Lake Geneva very large and scenic. Old Town has Roman city wall with cobblestone streets, hills, lots of cafes, shops, chocolate everywhere, old churches, and Scenic views of Lake. International District home of Europeans United Nations, Red Cross, and various United Nations missions. People protest there regularly for various issues.

We stayed at a four star hotel Rotary Geneva MGallery by Sofitel in downtown Geneva. Note that this would not be a four star hotel in the U.S. since the hotel does not have restaurant or room service. However, it was very clean and and had good service. Downtown is very pleasant to walk around. Again, lots of cheese and chocolate stores, cafes, watch stores and Swiss army knife stores.  The train station was 5 minutes away and the bus station was 3 minutes away. Lake Geneva was about two minutes away. Very expensive city, ranked number two most expensive city in the world.  With Zurich being #1.   Two cappuccinos and two breakfast sandwiches at local Starbucks cost 28 Swiss Francs. Ouch! Not much really to see and do. Would recommend to spend no  more than two or three days in Geneva.  The  Science and natural science museums very interesting but of course in French as French is the
language in Geneva.

Tuesday March 26th day trip to Chamonix and Mont Blanc. Took one hour bus ride up to Chamonix  located in the French Alps. Scenic Alpine Village that skiers love. Nice shops, cafes, and restaurants. We took the train up to Mont Blanc. Didn't stay very long because it was very cold. We took panoramic pictures and got back on the train. Did not take cable car to top because the upper cars were not functioning due to high winds. Had lunch and awesome dessert. Bought a few trinkets. Altogether a fun day. Was windy and cold rather unusual for spring day. But it was sunny and beautiful with snow cap mountains.

March 27th had dinner at Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from hotel called Zone Control. Excellent Asian food. Nice to have real Asian food. Carol had chicken cashew which was a little lame but it is chicken cashew. I had Shrimp Szechuan which was spicy and very flavorful. We had appetizer of fried dough things including something that looked like egg roll but had beef and spring rolls and shrimp toast, etc. We shared fried ice cream for dessert which was spectacular. Best meal in Geneva.

Old Town Geneva

Dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel

Mont Blanc

Chamonix/Mont Blanc


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