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Cartagena, Spain 3/21/2023



Cartagena is an ancient port - the city served as Hannibal's Spanish headquarters during the 2nd Punic War with Rome. The city remained a major trading port under the Romans and the Moors. Today, Cartagena is Spain's principal naval establishment and the site of an annual international maritime festival. The city is also your gateway to the Costa Calida, a region that boasts some of Spain's mildest weather along with 175 miles of beaches.


According to Spanish lore, the idea for tapas either originated with King Alfonso X, who enjoyed small portions of food with wine between meals or with campesinos who snacked during the long hours working in the fields. Whichever version you believe, these light appetizers are an undeniably authentic Spanish culinary tradition.


Breakfast in Cartagena. 



Beautiful architecture!









View from the ship in Cartagena.



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