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Cadiz, Spain 3/19/2023


Seville (Cadiz), Spain:

Mention Spain and the images that inevitably spring to mind are images of Andalusia - shadows falling across the bullring, the staccato rhythms of flamenco, the waft of orange blossoms from a Moorish garden. Cadiz is your gateway to this storied land and the city of Seville. Visit Seville's massive Alcazar fortress, modeled on the legendary Alhambra Palace of Granada. See the city's cathedral, a 15th-century Gothic masterwork that boasts a Moorish patio, fountain and minaret. Seville is also the legendary home of Don Juan, Bizet's Carmen and Rossini's Barber of Seville.
Cadiz is one's of Europe's oldest inhabited cities, dating from 1100 B.C., and your gateway to Seville and Andalusia.


Lou and his dear buddy, Bucky. 

We are in Cadiz, Spain where our group is going to make a paella in a private home that is also a bed and breakfast.



The family dining room in Cadiz, Spain



Finding our table.

Hmmm....Lou is trying to decide what kind of paella to make.





In this room, any mounted heads you see were from bulls in the bull ring, horses used in the bull fight.  The only head not mounted is the matador!

Carol and her newfound friend, Joyce, working on the paela.



Everyone takes a turn stirring the paella!














Cadiz, Spain


The port in Cadiz


We're back on the ship and in the main dining room.  This very Italian chef prepared a special pasta appetizer for our section each night. 


The bread was always yummy.

Lou patiently waiting for his appetizer.


 Cadiz 2006


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