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June 30, 2006

This is an Antonio Gaudi apartment building.

La Sagrada Familia Cathedral (The Sacred Family) is like no other church Karen has ever seen; it was kind of disturbing.

Our tour guide said that there had been a recent announcement that the cathedral would be complete in only another 40 years. We'll have to come back and see it again.

Now we are at the 1,000-year old Benedictine monastery called Monserrat.

Catalonia’s patron saint is the  Black Madonna of Montserrat.

We stood in line for a looooong time to see the Black Madonna.  .  The black Baby Jesus in Her lap was a surprise.

Karen said a quick Hail Mary and, as instructed by the tour guide,  touched the globe held in Her hand for luck.

A nice breeze blew in this open window.  We had been in line for almost 45 minutes by now.

It was a dark, hot, enclosed passageway along the side of the basilica that eventually led to the Black Madonna. I am glad they didn't describe it beforehand because we would have bailed.

Back home to the ship!


Montserrat & Barcelona City Drive
View the city’s major landmarks on a narrated drive before traveling to a 1,000-year old Benedictine monastery that is home to Catalonia’s patron saint — the Black Madonna of Montserrat.

Benedictine Monastery Complex - Nestled at the foot of eroded mountain crags, the millennia-old monastery is the focus of Montserrat’s Plaza. The monastery’s roots date back to a time when isolated hermitages occupied the mountain caves. Montserrat was one of the great monastic complexes of the Middle Ages, drawing monks far and wide who were philosophers, historians, scientists, artists and musicians.

Basilica - The monastery’s superb Romanesque basilica is decorated with statues of Christ and the 12 Apostles. The somber interior is renowned for the gilded wooded sculpture of Catalonia’s patron saint - La Moreneta - the Black Madonna of Montserrat. You may choose to join the visitors paying homage to the silver altar dedicated to the Virgin.

La Sagrada Familia - Pause for a quick photo opportunity at Antonio Gaudi’s marvelous - even though it is unfinished - modernist cathedral.

You have time to browse through the shops in Montserrat’s Plaza.

A local restaurant near Montserrat is where you stop for lunch.

Board your motorcoach for your narrated drive into the city. You pass the Olympic Ring, the Columbus Monument, the Plaza de España and La Sagrada Familia Cathedral. From Barcelona, drive into countryside rich with vineyards and olive, almond and hazelnut orchards. Drive up the winding mountain road past eroded rock outcroppings. The town and monastery sit on a natural plateau, perched some 2,300 feet above sea level.

The drive between Barcelona and Montserrat is approximately 1 1/2 hours each way.


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