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August 14, 2007

We went back onto the ship for lunch and for Karen to put her new knitted gloves into the room safe.

The ship was docked directly across the street form the Akershus Fortress. We didn't intend on getting back off the ship, but the fortress looked so cool we wanted to explore it.

Hey, looks like more yard work!  Weeding the fortress walls.

We got Lou with a canon in Greenwich, so here's Karen's turn.

A steep cobblestone is actually pretty hard to walk on when you are wearing wimpy sneakers.

How would ya like to live next to a fortress and have tourists taking pictures of you trying to have a quiet smoke on your back patio all year long?

This is a window, a tiny vertical slit, probably for weapons to be fired at attackers.

Doggie door?

Karen is trying to use up her last few bits of kroners before we get back onto the ship.

I hope this guy gets paid a lot.

You know what, this fortress was actually packed with other tourists!  Lou is like a magician for taking pictures at the exact moment when everyone has wandered away.

It started to rain while we were wandering around the fortress, so we rushed back to the ship.  We got stuck in line, in the rain, at the gangplank, and we laughed and laughed.

A great lawn for picnics -- before the drizzling started, there were a lot of people here.  Hey, canons just make a picnic more fun.



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