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August 16, 2007

The stands are filling up.

The first performers arrive.

It is starting to get dark.

This is an all-girls high school from Taiwan. They were FABULOUS!


Fife and Drum Band from Middlesex Country , Massachusetts
(Karen was thrilled.)


Click here for a 12 meg QuickTime movie of a performance.


They were zooming around so fast, this is the only picture we got.  But these kids were super!

The Russians blew us away!  They had the most serious uniforms, but they danced around.

These horses were so well behaved.  There were some drummers on the horses -- it must take a heck of a horse to let you bang a drum right next to its head.

Click here for a 9 meg QuickTime movie of the lone piper.  Note that the stage was extremely dark so the quality of the movie has a lot to be desired.


Click here for a 16 meg QuickTime movie of the closing performance.



Evening Excursion : The Edinburgh Tattoo

This incredibly popular annual event is Scotlandís largest and most impressive
spectacle, and one of the great visual and musical performances in the world.

Each year during a few weeks in August, thousands of spectators gather amid the
outdoor setting of Edinburgh Castleís Esplanade to experience the traditional Tattoo
Ceremony. From your reserved bleacher seats, you will be able to view this colorful
event which will unfold during the approximately 1 1/2-hour performance. The
entertainment features military precision drills with massed bands, bagpipes, and drums,
all representing various international Scottish Regiments. This rich pageant is
ever-changing and continuous, with traditional Scottish dancing, and enactments of
historical events. The Tattoo comes to an end with the most moving of all Scotlandís
performances - a lone piper, floodlit on the castle battlements, his haunting music
reaching out across the historic setting and into your memory forever.

During your drive into Edinburgh, your motor coach may experience heavy traffic due to
the popularity of the Tattoo performance; therefore, this tour allows plenty of time for the
journey. Once at Edinburgh Castle, your motor coach will park in a designated area and
from there it is an uphill walk to the Esplanade seating area.

This tour has a very limited availability. Princess purchases the maximum number of
tickets permitted by the Tattoo for any single performance.

Tickets for the Tattoo are on a first come first serve basis and must be booked at least 30
days prior to the cruise. Additional tickets cannot be obtained once the tour is fully
subscribed as performances are sold out months in advance.



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