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Here's Karen standing on one of over 450 bridges that link the 118 islands that comprise Venice.

I tried talking Karen into a gondola ride, but she thought it was way touristy.

Around every corner, down every tiny street, there are beautiful views.
Surrounding Venice is the Grand Canal.  If you want to get to Venice, YOU MUST HAVE A BOAT!  When Venice was founded, the standard means of transportation was a boat, not a horse.
More Grand Canal.

See how the houses have doorways leading right to the water, as well as small piers.

We learned a lot about how they built these houses on tiny muddy islands by sinking timbers (pilings) into the mud and then laying a stone foundation.

There's no oxygen in the mud (clay) so the timbers don't rot.

Our guide said the people went to all that trouble because they were getting attacked on the mainland and needed to live somewhere much less accessible.  They succeeded.
The day was HOT and yet there was no stench.
Imagine living here, with shutters that look two hundred years old.
You are looking at the Bridge of Sighs.


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