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San Gimignano, in the Province of Sienna, Italy 3/23/2023 - 3/30/2023

Over VRBO apartment overlooked the street in front of the

Piazzo Duomo. 




The Piazzo Duomo. (English translation: The Cathedral Square)


The view from the rear balcony of our VRBO apartment, overlooking the hills of San Gimignano. 

Following are some of the many overlooks throughout the town of San Gimignano.  Bellisimo!!



Lou and Carol in front of an overlook.  (If we look tired in this picture, it is because we were both ill with bad coughs and head congestion.   I got better, but Lou

was diagnosed with acute bronchitis two days later.  Our VRBO hostess, Bernadetta, helped us find a doctor for Lou that fixed him up just in time for our flight home.)

We had lunch at this restaurant, but skipped the pork!



The Piazza Cisterna in San Gimignano  (English Translation: The Cistern Square)



The Well (Cistern)





Carol took a selfie!


And then a nice American offered to take her picture!




The world famous Gelateria Dondoli.  Had the very best gelato.  Which we had several times since it was only a block

away from our apartment.  The line was usually 20 times longer.

The best pizza in town!





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