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June 28, 2004

Excursion: Pompeii, Sorrento And Capri
Explore the ruins of Pompeii, lunch in Sorrento, and capture the heady
beauty of the Isle of Capri.
Pompeii - This Roman city was buried by volcanic ash. Entering by the
sea gate, your guided walking tour of the excavated area takes in the city's
baths, villas, theaters and wrestling grounds. Plaster casts mark the
positions of the fallen, who were swiftly overcome. The highlights include
stunning frescoes and mosaic-inlaid floors.

Capri - A hydrofoil/jet boat ride takes you to the Marina Grande on
Capri, a port with colorful old fishermen's homes. Ride the funicular or
local mini-bus up the rocky hill to La Piazzetta, the heart of Capri.

La Piazzetta - Your guide escorts you through the narrow streets to
Capri's main square. The bustling square is lined with sidewalk cafés. Enjoy
the ambience or visit the Gardens of Augustus, offering views of the bay of
Marina Piccola and the famous offshore rocks of Faraglioni.

From Naples, you take the autostrada to Pompeii, then continue on the
coastal road to Sorrento. Descend the cliffside steps to the marina and
board a hydrofoil/jet boat for a 20-minute cruise of the Bay of Naples to
Capri. On your return, a hydrofoil/jet boat makes the 50-minute cruise to
the ship in Naples.

Capri Pompeii



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