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Here are pix from my good buddy in Iraq.  Thank goodness we have people like him to keep us safe.  Thanks dude!  Beer is on me when you get home.


Flag raising ceromony.

"Round" peg in a square hole.

Hey look a new window.

Seabee clothes dryer and gym.

Home for now. We are a mobile unit after all.

Noisy neighbors.

Living quarters "Bethune" grabbing some tools.

The tower climbers/

Yea it is what you think. inside the tower.

Are we gonna fall??

View from the tower.

Hey "Beverly" stop charging your IPod we need that power.

I feel safe with these neighbors.

Is that another dust storm coming? ough.

"round and williams" on top of Iraq.

Photo with out storm.

Storm during mid day.

Toto where are we?

Iraq national forest Front yard home camp.

Back yard home camp.

Fire pit and glen just may be a bit early.

Home sweet home.

My space with out the dot com.




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