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nomad1.jpg (86966 bytes) Monemartre is an artist infected area of Paris.  Located up on a hill, it offers breath taking views of the city.  Centered on the hill is this  extremely old church.  The shot below shows a sculpture of a man and horse located on top of the church.
nomad2.jpg (87552 bytes) You must be careful when visiting Monemartre.  It is not uncommon to be harassed by hopeful artists.  The want your money in exchange for a pointing or drawing of YOU!
nomad3.jpg (125255 bytes) They call Seattle the Paris of the Northwest.  Seattle and Paris are located at the same longitude.  They also seem to have about the same weather.  On a sunny day, you can see quite a long way from this hill top.
nomad4.jpg (142431 bytes) Still at Monemartre, you can see the Eiffel Tower.  Then again, you can see the Eiffel Tower from just about anywhere in the city.




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