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Here is a typical French side road.  I use the word road loosely.  This road which our hotel is on, is one way (fortunately).  There is enough room for a small car.  The parked cars are parked partially on the sidewalk.   Sidewalk?  Or yeah, the sidewalk is about 3 feet wide.  Wide enough for one person.

Our hotel's street.


Hum, kind of looks like our hotel entrance in Paris.  Funny, this was a 3 star hotel (out of 5).  The rooms in European hotels are so small.  In the states we would just laugh and move on to the next hotel. The Hotel
Arch of Triumph The Arch of Triumph.  This is bug!  It is roughly 275 feet high.  The opening in the center is wide enough to have 2 lane road.  Built for Napoleon the 1st, the dude died before it was finished.  Must of been all those wars he started.
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frchrch1.jpg (83743 bytes) Yet another cool building in Paris.  One of the things that makes Paris such an awesome place to visit is that everywhere you go there is a building or church or sculpture or fountain to look at.  The city is very well preserved.
River 2 River 1
The 2 shots above were taken from the river Sin.  To the right is a picture of the statue Zeus at the Louvre. Zues



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