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Front View The view from Lafayette Park.

This is near the end of our trip; you can tell because the flag is back at full mast.  When the flags went back up it was really uplifting.

Rear View Rainy day.  Our first day.

Look for the secret service guy on the roof.

We walked all around the White House and Old Executive Building. I wonder if they took our picture?  Karen wanted to eat her granola bar but was afraid to reach into her pocket!  :^)

Tough Tree Walkway along the side of the White House.
Chopping Tree Chop chop.  I wonder why that tree had to go.  Was it a security risk?
Front Back
Yes, the White House does have squirrels.

There are so many squirrels that they must be on the secret service payroll.  It is not clear in this picture, but this little guy is carrying a walkie talkie.

It's Thursday, September 20, and the media gets ready for the President's press conference.



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