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Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Washington DC


The scaffolding and white panels hide the front doors. We went right by the first time, couldn't figure out how to get in!

Great dino head!

This elephant dominates the big central area. 

Trumpeting elephant sounds fill the air.

From the balcony above.
Scary dino ribcage?
Hello, I'm small and friendly.
But I want to bite you!
Dino nest. 

Yum, make a heck of an omelet!

Freaky flying guy.
A chiropractor's dream.
Watch Jurassic Park one more time!
The Hope Diamond.

 Would make a lovely Christmas present!

A guy in a prehistoric kilt on a pony.
The insect zoo deeply creeped Karen out.
Swordfish bones
Man and ape bones -- who does Lou resemble?
Woolly Mammoth
Giant Sloth!

Too bad we cut off his head. This was one scary impressive puppy!

The digital camera would have saved us -- great to check each picture after you take it to see if you need a re-do.

Lou fell in love with Mr. Woolly Mammoth.
The Mighty Marlin

Can't remember the details, but this is one humungous stuffed fish.




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