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The front view.
Walking around is mighty thirsty work.
The view from the back lawn.

Down the slope, nearer to the water, Washington set up a deer park. He imported some of the deer.

A Marine re-enlisting. We felt so lucky to see this. 

Especially with what had happened on September 11, we were so grateful that this experienced soldier would sign up for more time.

A bunch of people eventually arrived to witness this, and Lou took a group shot for them.
Thank you so much!
There are chairs along the back porch, and we sat there for a spell.

Lou was itching to get a chance to use a riding mower on a lawn like this.

The exterior is covered in wood clapboards beveled and treated to look like stone!  The nation's first faux finish!
The front view again.

The plain white interior gives you no hint of the gaudy interior painted walls. All the furniture and walls in one dining room was such a hideous green, I don't think I could have eaten in there.



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