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This memorial was created in 1995.  By far, for Lou, it was the most moving.

One feature we didn't get a picture of is the words "Freedom is not free" etched in the black marble.

The way they are all looking in different directions, on guard against attack, as they walk towards the flag, really made us aware how vulnerable and brave these soldiers were.  
Each statue is made of some dull silver material that was so unique and striking -- all the other memorials are  so shiny.
The faces are roughly molded, intended to indicate that these statues represent Every Man, not one particular soldier.
You can see the Lincoln Memorial peeking through the trees.
About 54,000 Americans died in the Korean war in 3 years (1950 - 1953).
Ghost images etched into the black marble wall.  This was extremely eerie.

Sorry, we didn't realize we got Karen in the picture (center) choked up again.



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