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We walked all over creation trying to figure out how to reach the Jefferson Memorial.
The interior is so grand and impressive it takes your breath away.

You can see at the top of some of the white columns, there are brown cloth bags.  We have no idea what they are for.

He looks across the water directly at the White House, as if standing guard over our future.
This was a wonderful reminder of what our country is all about.



See Karen down at the bottom?  She's choked up again.

Here is Karen relaxing on the steps while Lou wanders around taking pictures.

Some French tourists wanted him to take their picture.   They said Cheese and just laughed when he suggested they say  Frommage instead.

 Karen picked up a few stray bits of litter, but for the most part it was perfectly tidy.  

Nice bathrooms downstairs.

Monticello It was absolutely pouring the day we went to Monticello, so Lou took only one picture.  He was afraid the camera would be drowned.



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