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National WWII Memorial
Gosh, they did a nice job with this memorial. 

Now, surf to our last WA DC trip, and you can see the photos we took back in September of 2001, when they were first putting fences up to start construction on this memorial. 

4,000 stars.  Each star represents 100 Americans killed during World War II.
So much of what we read at all the memorials has significance and relevance to what is happening today.  That's why it feels so great to go to WA DC and soak it all up and put current events in perspective. 
There is enough room for a lot of people to wander through here.
This quote blew Karen away.  That's exactly what we think President Bush is doing for us today.

There is a pillar for each state and territory that was part of the U.S. during WWII.  Here Karen stands next to her native state.

Massachusetts became the 6th state, so it is third on the right in this memorial.

The wreaths alternate between oak leaves and wheat, symbolizing our country's strength and agriculture.
At first Karen thought that placing this memorial at the end of the reflecting pool was a mistake, but it sits so nicely between Lincoln and Washington, and it does not detract from either one.

In this photo you can see Lincoln in the distance.

  Gray weather reminded us of home.



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